Organisational change

With my colleagues at People make it work I support organisations to create and embed change across their teams and boards, enabling them to strengthen their governance, focus on their mission and refine their approach.

This has included undertaking organisational reviews for Phakama and Akademi.

I am working with a number of organisations as part of Arts Council Wales’ Resilience Programme and am a member of the steering group and core team for the ACE funded Change Creation programme.

‘Sarah Boiling’s brilliant work with Phakama helped the organization at many levels. Her participatory, sensitive, and catholic consultation process helped rejuvenate our conversation at Phakama about forms of participation that we need to re-establish or create for the first time. One practical result of this was a closer collaboration between the two boards. Her report helped to galvanise and focus a conversation around strategy, core competencies, relationship building, and human resource management–but in a way that honored and affirmed Phakama’s own commitment to a bottom up approach to the organisation’s development. These and other effects to be felt perhaps in the months to come show Sarah’s excellent methodology of helping Phakama focus on what really matters: our artists, staff, and participants. I cannot recommend Sarah Boiling highly enough.’
Amit Rai, Chair of Trustees Phakama


Image: Colour of Light, Revoluton Arts by Sarah Boiling